The one-year JOURNEY is collective and collaborative, different from one-on-one mentoring. JOURNEY harnesses the power of the world’s most impactful women leaders to give Fellows access to higher-level connections and to enable them to build lifelong networks of support. 

We embark with goal-setting

Each Fellow meets with the JOURNEY team. We conduct, with our Champions, in-depth interviews with each Fellow to help her map her impact journey.

And continue with a kickoff JOURNEY retreat.

Fellows and Champions bond during a three-day offsite, sharing challenges and visions for success. Fellows work with Champions and one another to advance on their pathways to greater impact.

And we deepen the journey

Small groups of Fellows and Champions gather monthly (live or virtual) to talk about the realities of life and leadership and scaling impact.

A lifelong journey follows.

Fellows graduate after one year. We work with them to assess their success and map their next steps for building global impact. Each Fellow, a lifelong JOURNEY member, helps us equip future classes of Fellows.

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