Nina Easton

Co-Founder of JOURNEY and Co-CEO of SellersEaston Media

Nina began her journey on the beaches of Southern California, where big dreams swirled as she took in the vast and haunting beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Journalism—combining a love of writing with a front-row seat in the theater of public life—became her calling at UC Berkeley. She co-wrote a best-selling book on a U.S. President at age 24, went on to cover the business and fame of Hollywood for the Los Angeles Times, and finally found her groove at the paper’s Sunday Magazine, The Boston Globe, and as Fortune’s Washington editor—writing about policy, politics, and the people behind both. Along the way, she had three kids, wrote a book, taught at the Harvard Kennedy School—and discovered a new passion: empowering global women leaders. As chair of Fortune Most Powerful Women International, Nina was inspired by women leaders in Hong Kong, Toronto, London, and Paris. At the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), she helped launch a program to amplify the voices of women in global security. And now, in addition to her leadership at multimedia company SellersEaston Media, Nina is excited to be building the lifelong network of support we call JOURNEY.